Our Policies

Moreton Hall Dog Groomers prides itself as being a HUMANE Dog groomers.

We groom to make your dog feel comfortable, happy and healthy.

We will of course always follow the grooming instructions you provide.

However we WILL NOT allow any dog to endure hours of De-Matting, Matt splitting or comb pulling. 

If your dog is presented to us in a matted/poor coat condition we will always choose the humane option of clipping the whole coat off or the matted area and where possible save any defining features.

We do not offer Hand Stripping

We do not crate dog's, they are free to roam around the salon or run free and play in our fully enclosed garden. The only time a dog will be crated is if it's for their safety or ours!

Of course many dog's like to take themselves off to bed for a little snooze before or after grooming, we always make sure there is clean vet bedding down for all our furry friends to relax on.

We pride ourselves with the relaxed, calm, friendly atmosphere within the salon, it is not run as a factory one in one out or lots of dog's waiting in crates, each dog has a scheduled appointment, so they have the groomers full attention for the duration of their groom.

(You will often hear Charlie singing to your furry friends, poor dogs!!)

Our love of animals is HUGE, there is no better feeling than seeing a dog come into the salon looking awful and feeling uncomfortable, giving them a full groom, removing matts, body clip, trimming, cutting their nails, removing hair from around their eyes, private areas, toes and ears, giving them a wonderful massage in the bath, then seeing them transform into a totally different dog.

They run around in total bliss, rubbing their faces as they go, the freedom must feel wonderful.

In hotter weather, they stop continuously panting, their skin no longer sweats, skin lesions dry and heal.

In cooler weather, they are not walking with wet grit between their toes and pads, grass seeds and

burrs are not sticking into their skin.

"Remember it's not necessarily what they look like on the outside, it's what's underneath that count's, their health and happiness is the most important factor"

Our view on the seasons


" Put on a Fur coat in the heat, sit out in the sun, imagine not being able to remove this, it must be hell"


"A light trim on all areas makes life a lot more comfortable, they do not pick up burrs, twigs, seeds and grit on the coat or paws, but still have a full healthy coat to protect them against the elements.

We love your furry friends and hope they enjoy their grooming experience as much as i love grooming them!









Moreton Hall  Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP32 7HN | 07979057905 or e-mail me at mhdg@btinternet.com